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FAZI RAIL ACADEMY prides itself in providing skills development services, specific to the railway industry, with a special focus on African railways. We believe in the premise that Africans are best positioned to have an in-depth understanding of the needs of Africans in ensuring a holistic development of their skills.

1. Career Guidance Programmes

Our career guidance programmes are not your typical programmes. We make use of a digitalized transport sector miniature model to give high school, college and university learners a realistic understanding of how the transport sector functions, with a particular focus on the railway industry.

This is to create the understanding of the importance of taking up of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects by learners.

The Programmes also incorporate career counseling and assessment of learners.

2. Railway Training & development

We provide railway training in railway disciples, which include signalling, train control, communications, perway, electrical and rolling stock.

The training provided is aligned to SAQA requirements and accredited by the Transport SETA (TETA), thus ensuring that qualifying learners can be absorbed by the railway industry with confidence.

Our training programmes are specifically designed to ensure a holistic approach to railway and can be customized for specific needs of customers. We offer Short Courses, Skills Programmes and Learnerships

3. Railway Curriculum Development

We develop curriculum for railway signalling, train control, communications, perway, electrical and rolling stock disciplines.

Curriculum is aligned to the SAQA requirements and framework.