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Fazi Rail Academy is a professional entity offering skills development and training services in railway.
The company is 100% black-woman owned and is BBBEE Level 1 in terms of the BBBEE Act of South Africa. Fazi Rail Academy was established in 2018 with the intention of offering clients professional services in skills development and training.  
Historically and currently, the railway industry has been riddled with the shortage of skills in all its various disciplines and this has led Fazi Rail to explore the field of skills development and training. Our programmes aim to address the critical and scarce skills within the railway environment.
Fazi Rail Academy specializes in career guidance for transport careers, railway training and curriculum development. We pride ourselves in focusing on developing the skills of Africa. We believe in the premise that Africans are best positioned to have a deep understanding of the needs of Africans in ensuring a holistic development of its railways. We also offer customised in-house training for all our training programmes.


To be Africa’s leader in the provision of railway training and skills development..


The mission of FAZI RAIL is the provision of career guidance programmes to previously disadvantaged communities, the development of curriculum and delivery of training and skills development, that is aligned to SAQA standards, but also responds to the needs of the railway industry - relevant to skills required today and in the future.


Strategic Objective 1

Develop curriculum that is relevant to the required railway infrastructure skills, for today and future skills – aligned to global railway technological evolution for Signalling, Train Control, Communications, Civil, Permanent Way, Electrical and Train Operations.

Strategic Objective 2

Deliver training that closes the knowledge and skills gap and mismatch in the railway industry for Signalling, Train Control, Communications, Civil, Permanent Way, Electrical and Train Operations..

Strategic Objective 3

Grow a pool of competent and skilled artisans and graduates to be absorbed by the railway infrastructure (Signalling, Train Control, Communications, Civil, Permanent Way and Electrical) and Train Operations – with particular interest in growing technical skills for women artisans within the railway industry.

Strategic Objective 4

Increase awareness in railway careers and opportunities through railway advocacy programmes, particularly in rural and township learning institutions.

Strategic Objective 5

Enable career development and the empowerment of women professionals within the railway industry.