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Systemic Thinking for Railway Professionals & Teams

SHORT COURSE NAME: Systemic Thinking for Railway Professionals & Teams

DURATION:                    4 days
DELIVERY MODE:         Contact
PRICE:                            R 15700
DATE:                              2022-04-11   TO   2022-04-14
VENUE:                           Fazi Rail Academy or In-house for group bookings


Railway organisations and their teams have traditionally been built to function in highly segregated arrangements. This has resulted in difficulty in building synergies between departments and sub-systems, in operations and projects. The course provides an introduction of the railway technical concepts and elements for non-technical personnel.

This course helps managers, and their teams apply a systems approach in decision making through the use of critical thinking and analytical skills within the railway environment. The course elaborates on the application of effective stakeholder management for the desired outcome for teams. Fazi Rail Academy helps railway organisations build synergised teams from junior management/supervisor level to accounting authority level. We enable railway organisations towards creating a new breed of railway professionals, who apply systems thinking in their day-to-day functions.

SAQA Accredited - 6 credits 


This course is underpinned by a systems' thinking framework which allows you to view the business as an ecosystem, a series of interconnected parts that function collectively to create a profitable and sustainable business. The content includes:

  • Understanding the railway system and its components;
  • Apply critical and analytical skills in decision-making, specific to the railway environment;
  • Engage with stakeholders in analysing issues/problems and developing solutions;
  • Solving complex railway issues;
  • Selecting feasible solutions through a systems approach;
  • Formulating and communicating the decision;
  • Systems thinking processes and tools;
  • Critical thinking processes and tools.



Fazi Rail Academy applies Action Learning in all its courses. The Systems Thinking for Railway Professionals and Teams has been designed and customised specifically  for the railway environment. On completion, you will be able to apply critical and analytical skills in solving issues within your team's environment. You will be able to effectively engage with all stakeholders by applying the stakeholder engagement process. You will be able to use systems thinking approaches in problem solving, thus ensuring that solutions chosen, cater for a holistic railway environment.


  • Railway technical and non-technical teams;
  • Railway Managers and Executives;
  • Railway Accounting Authorities.