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Systemic Thinking for Railway Professionals & Teams

SHORT COURSE NAME: Systemic Thinking for Railway Professionals & Teams

DURATION:                    3 days
DELIVERY MODE:         Contact
PRICE:                            R 18700
DATE:                              2022-08-22   TO   2022-08-24
VENUE:                           Radisson Hotel & Conference Center O.R.Tambo

Mr Julian Day


The complex nature of the railway system renders it challenging for decision-makers and authorities to collaboratively make decisions on pertinent issues affectingrailway system. The highly segregated culture of multi-disciplinary technical teams also provides an enormous challenge in achieving synergies in projects.

Fazi Rail Academy, with its vast and in-depth knowledge of the railway industry, has collaborated with Deliberate Collaboration and Systemic StairwayTM to provide the railway industry with a practical methodology implemented through Action Learning, in equipping people to create and execute high impact decisions collaboratively in any situation, no matter how complex.



This course is underpinned by a systems' thinking framework which allows you to view the business as an ecosystem, a series of interconnected parts that function collectively to create a profitable and sustainable business. The content includes:

ü  Needs analysis of each attending groups complex situation needing a solution;

ü  Understanding the railway system and its components;

ü  Systemic Stairway as a practical methodology for managing complex situations;

ü  Apply critical and analytical skills in decision-making, specific to the railway environment;

ü  Engage with stakeholders in analysing issues/problems and developing solutions;

ü  Use Action Learning to solve complex railway issues specific to each group attending;

ü  Selecting feasible solutions through a systemic approach;

ü  Formulating and communicating the decision;

ü  Systems thinking processes and tools;

ü  Critical thinking processes and tools.



Fazi Rail Academy applies Action Learning in all courses. The Systemic Thinking for Railway Professionals and Teams has been designed and customised specifically for the railway environment. On completion, you will be able to:

ü  Unlock problems that seem overwhelming and finding the right questions to ask.

ü  Use systems thinking tools to find priorities and drivers in any situation.

ü  Collaborate with other people even when you have conflicting perspectives.

ü  Provoke creative thinking and change limiting mindsets.

ü  Create executable decisions and strategies that add value to the primary stakeholders.

ü  Facilitate critical conversations necessary to implement change.

ü  Practice the discipline of commitment management to overcome the execution problem.

ü  Identify and overcome resistance to change, so that your projects are manageable.

ü  Use feedback to accelerate your learning and improve your chances of success.

ü  On successful completion of the Systemic Stairway™ course material and the standardised course quiz, delegates receive a Training Badge and Certificate. Also receive a certificate of competence accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority.


ü  Railway Accounting Authorities;

ü  Railway Managers and Executives;

ü  Railway technical and non-technical teams.