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Fundamentals of Railway Signalling Design

SHORT COURSE NAME: Fundamentals of Railway Signalling Design

DURATION:                    5 Contact Days
DELIVERY MODE:         Contact
PRICE:                            R 15960
DATE:                              2022-05-16   TO   2022-05-20
VENUE:                           Fazi Rail Academy or In-house for group bookings


This ground-breaking course provides you with the knowledge and skill in railway signalling design. It provides the ability for signalling professionals to design their signalling layouts through the understanding of the design philosophies, principles and processes.


  • Philosophy of the railway signalling design and principles;
  • Systems engineering approach to railway signalling design;
  • Fundamentals of Safety Integrity Levels in signalling designs;
  • Purpose of a signalling plan, relationships between principles and signal positioning on a signalling plan;
  • Signalling design process and critical points in the process;
  • Signalling design interfaces with othe disciplines;
  • Headway calculations and breaking distances;
  • Signal sighting;
  • Signalling the layout;
  • Aspect sequencing;
  • Designing control tables (control sheets)



On completion of this course, you will be able to signal the layout, create a control table/sheet, do breaking distance and headway calculations. You will also be able to define and describe the safety-related design interfaces with other disciplines such as rolling stock, electrical, perway and communications.  


  • Railway Signalling Professionals:
    • Engineers;
    • Engineering Technicians;
    • Signalling Managers.