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Online Course: Fundamentals of Railway Signalling - Demystifying Signalling

SHORT COURSE NAME: Online Course: Fundamentals of Railway Signalling - Demystifying Signalling

DURATION:                    5 days
DELIVERY MODE:         Online
PRICE:                            R 13990
DATE:                              2021-11-29   TO   2021-12-03
VENUE:                           Online


Do you work in a multidisciplinary railway team or a Railway Safety Regulator? Are you a Signalling Engineer, Engineering Technician or Technical Worker? Are you a railway professional practicing in Perway, Electrical, Telecommunications or Rolling Stock? Maybe you are a Train Operations professional? Or a railway Manager who manages a railway discipline? Or an Executive that must make pertinent decisions? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is definitely for you.

This course provides you with the fundamental knowledge of the railway signalling sub-systems, which will empower you to function effectively as a railway professional and decision maker – whether you practice in train operations, railway safety inspection and auditing or other railway disciplines. The course is designed with a systems thinking approach, which enables railway systems application, rather than a discipline-specific approach. It contains the basics of signalling and its founding principles that enable a functional and safe railway network. 

The course has been carefully designed in accordance to SAQA standards and delivered by highly experienced facilitators, who are not only signalling professionals but also possess a holistic experience in railway systems engineering and management.



  • Philosophy of the principle of "failure-to-safety" of raiwlay signalling subsystems;
  • Station layout and line plans and associated syombols;
  • Introduction to the Book of Circuits;
  • Application of single, double uni-/bi-directional lines, crossings and turnouts within the train operations environment;
  • Various methods of operating trains within the railway environment;
  • Integration of signalling, train control and communication technologies;
  • Functions, purpose and application of communication systems in railway signalling & train control: GSM-R, LTE-R and Satellite comms;
  • Functions, purpose and identification of various types of signals, points track vacancy detection systems, interlocking and control systems;
  • Relationships between the signalling elements, interlocking and control systems;
  • Relationship of the various role-players in the railway environment.





On completion of this course, you will be able to apply the knowledge of the signalling subsystems, within your immediate working environment. Understanding these signalling elements and their relationships will prepare you for a continuum of learning in the railway field. It will also empower you to make informed technical and business-related decisions, in your everyday multidisciplinary functions. This will give you a clear understanding of how a reliable railway signalling system contributes to safe and efficient train operations, which results in an efficient railway transportation system. 


If you function within a multidisciplinary railway team or you need to make informed technical, management or executive decisions, related to railway infrastructure; you should attend this course: Professionals in the following disciplines will find the course beneficial:

·         Signalling Engineers, Engineering Technicians, Technical Workers and Infra Workers;

·          Railway Engineers/Engineering Technicians/Artisans working in Perway, Electrical, Telecommunications and Rolling Stock;

·         Train Operations personnel: Train Control Officers, Train Drivers, Shunters;

·         Railway Managers and Executives who manage infrastructure and train operations.