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Technology Forecasting & Mapping of Train Control & Communication Systems

SHORT COURSE NAME: Technology Forecasting & Mapping of Train Control & Communication Systems

DURATION:                    2 Days
DELIVERY MODE:         Online
PRICE:                            R 9500
DATE:                              2021-11-15   TO   2021-11-19
VENUE:                           ONLINE


This course provides you with extensive knowledge of the different types of train control and communication technologies, their characteristics, capabilities and application. It empowers you with the ability to forecast and create a technology map for your organisation, that can inform technology choices and informed decision-making. The course adds an element of studying policy reforms of various countries as well as an analysis of the South African rail policy position. In the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution, this course helps you to understand the global strides taken by other countries in the application of 4IR in the railways - Evolution of train control & communication technologies.


·         The analysis of the 4th Industrial Revolution in railways;

·         Overview of train control and communication technologies – characteristics & capabilities;

·         Evolution of technologies and forecast;

·         Global railway policy reforms: Case studies;

·         South African railway policy analysis – the future;

·         Technology Mapping.



On completion of this course, you will be able to understand the applicability of policy in the choice of technology for railway. You will be able to identify various train control and communication technologies and their related characteristics and capabilities and be able to match the technologies to their relevant application. This will give you the ability to create a technology map for your organisation.  


Are you a technology manager, maintenance manager or a decision maker within a railway-related organisation or department? This course is for you as it is ideal for persons working in or associated with the railway environment. This includes:

·         Railway Technology Managers;

·         Transport Department Officials & Decision Makers; 

·         Officials from Transport Skills Development Entities;

·         Personnel from Related Railway Disciplines: Telecommunications, Electrical, Signalling, Perway, Train Operations and Rolling Stock.