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Career Guidance

Career Guidance for High Schools, TVET Colleges and Universities.

This transformational programme aims to promote railway engineering careers to Grade 9 - 12’s, TVET College and University learners to previously disadvantaged communities, with the aim of creating awareness of possible careers in Railway STEM. Fazi Rail Academy has developed a transport model layout with the transport sector as a theme which exposes learners to how the transportation sector in South Africa works – with a special focus on railway. The system allows young people to interact with features of a modern railway such as signalling, traction system and simulation of railway signalling trackside equipment. During demonstrations, learners take control and direct trains around the layout, experiencing how modern signalling and train control systems (S&TCS) prevent collisions and the concept of increasing capacity. Activities in which learners can operate trains and transport various goods through different transportation modes. This programme offers an opportunity to Grade 9 to 12’s learners, to experiment solving of challenges of the transport sector, particularly the railway industry can be used in an interactive approach to teaching programming, electronics and computing. It is envisaged that the lessons learnt will encourage further innovation in rural and township youth engagement. The programme also provides an interactive approach to teaching programming, electronics and computing. The programme incorporates career counseling and assessment by professional counsellors. Should you Contact Fazi Rail Academy here for further details.